As you may be aware, the children will complete the statutory Phonics Screening Check during the week beginning 10th June.  Please click on the below link to watch a short information film about this.

The children are very familiar with phonics assessments as they have one every half term to track their progress.  We talk regularly to the children about how we need to know what they still need to learn so they don’t need to worry about tricky words.  We will deliver the Phonics Screening Check in a similar way and the children will be under no additional pressure. 

Please find below some resources to support your child in preparing for the check.  These include some practice lists and also the words used in past checks.  When your child is working through the words, please encourage them to identify the ‘special friends’ (sounds containing more than one letter e.g. ‘sh’) and then ‘Fred talk’ (sound out the word).  This is the strategy that they use in school so they will be familiar with it.

The Yellow Speed Sounds books sent home earlier in the year contain the sounds the children need to learn in order to succeed.  Please work through these and support your child in reading any words containing sounds they find tricky. 

If you have any questions, please contact the class teacher who will be happy to support.

Files to Download