Speech and Language

Speech and Language Therapy Training Course

Three of our teaching assistants have attended the 7 day Speech and Language Therapy training course. The course aimed at developing the speech and language skills of children at a Foundation Stage level and included sessions applicable to children at an older language level. 

It aimed to equip Teaching Assistants with the skills to screen children across the year groups, with a particular focus on nursery and reception.  Teaching Assistants  learnt about the packages that parents are trained on when they attend clinic sessions and packages regularly provided for children as part of the mainstream Speech and Language Therapy service.  They were taught how to use national tools and the additional resources provided to commence the first steps of speech or language programmes with individuals or groups of children.

As part of this training package, participants also became accredited users of the Derbyshire Language Scheme which is a nationally used language programme for receptive and expressive language skills.  


Our Speech and Language Team have access to an online assessment programme to assess children if concerns are raised by parents or teachers.

Speech Link  helps teachers to support speech, language and communication in schools.

The online package aim to empower SENCos, teachers and TAs in their work with SLCN and indicate the need for further support for the child where required.

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